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MTP® Connectors and MPO Connectors

MPO is the industry acronym for “multi-fiber push on.” MPO connectors have more than 1 fibre in a single ferrule and snap into place by a mechanical mechanism.
The MTP Connector is one brand of MPO connector.
Due to the difficulties in mating two connectors with multiple fibres, as opposed to using single fibre connectors such as an LC connector, different brands of MPO give different performance.
Typically, MPO connectors have had 12 fibres or multiples of 12 fibres (24, 48, 72). However, recently 8 fibre MPO connectors are being introduced to accommodate the uptake of BASE-8.
There are many designs of MPO on the market from the various manufacturers. The high end performance marketplace is dominated by the MTP connector. This connector offers reliable performance and the MT ferrule used in the connector is also used by many brands of equipment (CISCO, Brocade etc) within their transceivers. By using the same ferrule in the transceiver and the connector cable ensures the highest performance.

12 Fibre MTP® Male Connector

MTP Connector 12 fibre male multimode

24 Fibre MTP® Female Connector

MTP Connector 24 fibre female multimode
We believe the market leading MPO connector in terms of performance and durability is the MTP® connector produced by USConec – which is why our range is standardised on this product and is also probably why the connector is used by many other brands including Corning, Systimax by Commscope, TYCO Amp Net Connect / ADC Krone, Panduit, Siemon and many others.

Used by all the leading high density fibre manufacturers the MTP® Connector is at the heart of the Complete Connect solution.The 12 fibre connector has been designed to provide enhanced “overlife” performance and is key to maintaining a robust network.

MTP® Connector Features 

There are two aspects to the connector; the housing and the ferrule. There are multiple options of both which are used for different fibre core counts and different construction cables.
MT stands for mechanical transfer and an MT ferrule is a multi-fibre (usually 12 fibres) ferrule. The performance of the connector is determined by the fibre alignment and how this alignment is maintained after connection. Ultimately, the alignment is determined by the eccentricity and pitch of the fibre and how accurately the guide pins keep the fibres together during mating. The performance of any MPO connector can be improved if the tolerances of the pins and the moulding processes are reduced during manufacture

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